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Club Song 

Oh, have you ever seen a better football team than the one that plays for West.
They come from miles away just to see them play, 'cause they say that West is Best.
The Western Suburbs boys fill the crowd with joy, they're the best you've ever seen.
You'd better come along when you hear this song and see the boys in red and green.

 Click on the video just below to hear the original version of the club song by Frankie Davidson

This song was found on an old cassette at the club, and was put on CD. The music and the lyrics of the club song, sang by Frankie Davidson, were written by West legend Arthur "Slim" Hunter. (Note the minor lyric change to thewords listed above.) Slim  was  a keen supporter, a team manager, a gear steward and a songwriter - but most of all he was a great bloke who loved West. Slim passed away in the 1980's but his legacy, the club song, lives on. Slim wrote the lyrices to the tune "Down in the Caribbean".


Frankie Davidson.


Listen to Jim Reeves singing an original version of "Down in the Caribbean"


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