About horiso

Horiso® is an Australian manufacturer and supplier of solar shading systems.
Horiso is committed to researching, developing and supplying integrated solar control solutions that are a responsible reaction to climate change. This ideological approach by Horiso has produced new levels in building energy efficiency, with a focus on creating a dynamic building envelope while maintaining user comfort.

As a specialised solutions provider for architects, developers and builders, Horiso has proven expertise in the commercial, hospitality, institutional, governmental, and residential sectors.

We are committed to supplying innovative design and sustainable technology through our climate ready, energy efficient product range, including:

We approach each individual project requirement by addressing key solar considerations:

  • A building's location of the building including the geographical position, sun angles, reflected glare from other buildings and natural environment such as city or country position
  • A building's orientation and the glazed areas on different facades
  • Robust products and systems needs due to extreme weather conditions
  • The architectural requirements of the building.

Our aim with each application is to provide a solution that:

  • Operates any motorised facade element
  • Controls solar heat gain
  • Improves insulation  
  • Manages glare
  • Maximises the use of daylight
  • Reduces air conditioning loads and operating costs
  • Provides remote accessibility - low impact on the environment through reduced carbon emissions
  • Achieves higher productivity from improved Internal Environmental Quality (IEQ)
  • Gives a dynamic impact on a building's facade.

Our products are sold and installed by an exclusive dealer network of dedicated professionals. We deliver market leading products, supported by unmatched expertise and in-depth collaboration to satisfy your design and engineering challenges.