Horiso Rack Arm System - solar shading system

The Horiso Rack Arm System® (or skylight louvres), are designed specifically for solar shading on sloped and shaped glazed areas. It is a non-retractable system with a range of slat sizes.
Horiso Rack Arm Systems can be manually operated, or automated using  Climate Ready® Control Systems.

Sustainable Timber Louvre (Rack Arm) Systems

Timber Rack Arm Systems can be installed to integrate with new timber cladding* on buildings. Information leaflet
Project applications include:

  • Roof areas
  • Outdoor rooms
  • Pergolas.

A range of timber profiles and sizes are available, resulting in the following appearances:

  • Flush
  • Tongue and groove
  • Weatherboard.

Timber Louvre specification sheet for 74 mm, 94 mm and 97 mm.
Schematic for 74 mm louvre with 35 rack arm system
Schematic for 74 mm louvre with 80 rack arm system
Schematic for 94 mm louvre with 35 rack arm system
Schematic for 94 mm louvre with 80 rack arm system

*For enquiries please contact horiso info@horiso.com.au

Aluminium Rack Arm Systems

Main features

  • The systems are flexible in application and can be used both internally and externally at any orientation, slope, angle and any glazing shape.
  • Available in a variety of sizes and shapes including rolled-edged and extruded aluminium slats.
  • Interlocking louvres are available with brushes and perimeter baffles, providing near blackout, or adjusted to allow day-lighting as needed.

Main benefits

  • Highly versatile system - suitable for all types and shapes of glazing including curved surfaces, trapezoids and circles, angled and pitched applications.
  • Can withstand strong winds and moderate snow and ice loads.
  • The system provides precise light control, allowing 110 degrees of rotational control from closed to fully open. This level of light control is perfect for buildings such as museums and galleries that often require specific light conditions.
  • Designed and built to provide years of reliable service with minimal maintenance.
  • A five year warranty applies to all components, including operating mechanisms and controls.


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