Specialty Louvres - solar shading system

Horiso® Specialty Louvres when automatically controlled reduce thermal heat gain and glare while maximising internal light.
The louvre systems can be either fixed or adjustable, and can be configured either horizontally or vertically on facades. 
Specialty louvres can be manufactured from timber, glass, aluminium and composite material.

Horiso Specialty Louvres can be automated using Climate Ready® Control Systems.

Main features

  • Can incorporate custom design engineering for operation and installation for specific project applications.
  • Louvres maximise natural light and reduce internal solar heat gain and glare.
  • Range of applications include double skin facades, closed cavity facades and external shading.
  • Engineered to withstand loads from wind and snow/ice. 
  • Can be designed for easy removal when required.
  • Finishes include polyester powder coating and fluor polymer painting, resistant to sun or weather damage.
  • Size range from 100 mm to 600 mm for single extruded louvres.
  • Fabricated louvres are available in an extended range of sizes and shapes.
  • Some louvre designs can be perforated.
  • Extruded louvres are extremely durable.

Main benefits

  • Improves system capacity, maximises solar control benefits and extends system longevity.
  • Improves productivity, reduces consumption and energy costs.
  • Provides versatile architectural and design applications.
  • Smaller louvre sizes allow for more precise solar control.
  • Larger louvres provide stronger exterior visibility and are able to withstand greater wind and snow loads.
  • Louvres provide reliable operation with low maintenance.
  • Aluminium finishes provide minimal maintenance and a prolonged life-span.
  • Large range of sizes and shapes provides greater design capabilities.
  • Louvre shapes, composition and finishes create additional design options.
  • A five year warranty applies to all components, including operating mechanisms and controls.


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