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Horiso Engineering Division is an Australian company that designs, manufacturers and installs Climate Ready® Control Systems for both residential and commercial applications.
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  • ESD consulting.
  • Concept design and engineering.
  • Electricial installation and commissioning.
  • Servicing.

Download Horiso Engineering Division Implementation Overview pdf
This brochure outlines Engineering Division range of solutions including control system network and integration.

Our services provide:

  • High quality architectural housing component design options that are:
    - flexible
    - custom made
  • Sustainable energy management
  • Technically advanced solar control solutions
    - more control options
    - reliable network integration
  • Faster project delivery speeds
  • Faster and more reliable service and maintenance turnaround
  • Less transport costs
  • Contribution to the Australian economy.

Products - Climate Ready® Control Systems
Climate Ready® Control Systems consist collectively of motor controllers, other hardware and software packages that will operate all facade element/s for eg. solar shading systems, ventilation systems and other motorised systems that require precise operation control (preset stops in angle degree or mm). Climate Ready Control Systems are installed wireless (EZ1, EZ2 & EZ4), hardwired (EB2 & EB4) or a combination of both.
The Climate Ready® Control Systems achieve:

  • Network capability with 
    - building / home automation systems
    - A/V products
  • Response to climatic conditions
  • One control system operates a range of facade elements
  • Easy integration due to open protocol requirements
  • Flexible control options to suit individual project requirements
  • System upgrade without replacement.

Why Climate Ready?
Climate Ready® Control Systems are designed to operate facade elements as a reaction to climatic conditions. This ensures that the interior conditions are optimised to reduce the energy consumption from air conditioning and lighting systems while maximising the use of daylight. Potential benefits reduce the impact of the building's footprint overall, contributing to Green Star design and building ratings. Glare and heat gain are controlled providing increased comfort conditions for occupants and higher productivity levels can be attained from employees. 

System comparisons:

EZ - ZigBee Pro WiFi systems
EZ Information sheets 

  • Significant reduction in electrical material and components requirements
  • Reduction in installation costs
  • Easier to service - if required
  • Increased system longevity
  • One controller operates one motor (2 & 4 motor group controllers available for commercial applications).

EB - Hardwired systems
EB Information sheets

  • Requires more electrical material and components
  • Higher installation costs
  • More difficult to service - if required
  • Reduction in system longevity
  • One controller operates two motors (4 motor group controllers available for commercial applications).

Climate Ready® Control Systems can be integrated with any building automation systems for communication with air conditioning, lighting, audio visual, security and facade elements via the following protocols:

  • BACnet
  • MS/TP
  • KNX
  • C-Bus
  • RS232.

Control options
Climate Ready® Control Systems are operated via:

  • Dynamic response to brightness and wind sensors / solar path calculus (ST[a]ATS, ST[a]RS)
  • Response to FIM and ECO mode - Horiso software
  • Activated response to BMS / A/V / HVAC
  • Remote controller - personal preferences
  • Room / desk switch - personal preferences
  • Facility Manager Control Panel
  • Fire Trip Panels
  • Horiso Smart Switch
  • Horiso Smart Controller
  • Horiso Smart Remote app for iPhone, iPad or other smart phone
  • Graphic User Interface application on Advanced Control Server.