Climate Ready® Control Systems

A Climate Ready® Control System can integrate all operable building envelope systems into a single distributive network. This unique network approach allows each controller to perform individual tasks while cooperating with other building envelope systems.

Climate Ready® Control Systems manage internal light and glare by responding actively to varying environmental conditions via signals or inputs from devices such as sun and wind sensors, switches, remotes, timers or a combination of all five. The systems are compatible with all shading systems featured on this site.

Overall, Climate Ready® Control Systems maximise indoor environmental quality and reduce energy consumption; creating comfortable, productive and sustainable built environments.

Programmable layers include:

  • Capability - each shading device evaluates how its performance contributes to a specific lighting conditions
  • Sun tracking and scheduling capabilities for time of day, week and/or year
  • Glare and heat gain control
  • Displays system's entire floor plan, including sensor performance and status of each shading device
  • Provides access to system logs, lockout/overrides and alarms
  • Monitoring and configuration from within a standard web browser.
  • Gives an individual user point-and-click control of shades in their individual area
  • Supports scene control, scheduling and tweaks
  • Predetermined parameters allowing customised functionality for each building system.

Climate Ready® EB2 N and EB2 D Motor Controllers
The Climate Ready® Control Systems incorporating the EB2 N or EB2 D motor controllers are designed specifically for the operation of motorised shading systems. The Horiso Smart Control software is our basic software package and provides safety softlimits (prevent shade damage if motor limits fail). Precise shading adjusment in angle degree or mm for facade uniformity, preset stops, programmable parameters and basic scheduling. In addition to controlling two motors, each controller is capable of accepting six dry contact inputs. Optional Control Point modules allow for the addition of sensors and audio visual system integration. The EB2 N and EB2 D controllers operate stand-alone 
or networked using BACnet MS/TP.

Download Technical Information EB2 D
Download Technical Information EB2 N
Download riser layout - EB2
Download wiring diagram - EB2

Climate Ready® EZ1 N and EZ1 D Motor Controllers
Horiso has also developed wireless operating systems. The Climate Ready® Control Systems incorporate the EZ1 N or EZ1 D motor controllers. These controllers can operate one motor, with each controller capable of accepting twelve dry contact inputs. Programmable layers allow for the addition of sensors and A/V system integration. The EZ1 N and EZ1 D controllers operate stand-alone 
or networked using wireless BACnet over ZigBee.

The Climate Ready® Control Systems using the EZ1 N and EZ1 D controllers require significantly less installation components, that is, ducting, conduits and PVC wiring. This advantage reduces the carbon footprint of residences and commercial buildings and contributes to a Green Star status. This also means savings in the resources, manufacturing and installation processes of our wireless Climate Ready® Control Systems.

Download Technical Information EZ1 D
Download riser layout - EZ1
Download wiring diagram - EZ1

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