Shading Tension Systems - solar shading system

Horiso Shading Tension Systems are retractable fabric based systems for installation on horizontal and sloped glazing.

The range features a fully automated and retractable shading system suitable for both internal and external use and include systems that will deploy in any direction.

Systems maximise daylight under dull conditions and reduce solar heat gain and glare. Designed for residential and commercial applications including offices, shops, hotels, public and heritage buildings.
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Horiso Shading Tension Systems can automately operated using Climate Ready® Control Systems.

Main benefits

  • Automated, retractable solar shading system.
  • Horizontal and sloping glazing applications.
  • Suitable for pull-up application on vertical windows.
  • Maximum daylight under dull conditions.
  • Reduced heat gain and sun glare.
  • Integrated radio control operation
  • Internal and external application.

Main features

  • Aluminium components are finished in a standard polyester powder 30% gloss finish.
  • Stainless steel fasteners and other steel parts are galvanized against corrosion.
  • Return pulleys are manufactured in stainless steel.
  • Each unit has a built-in motor with the option for integrated radio control for operational convenience and simplified wiring.
  • Group and automatic sun control are available on all systems.
  • Hand-held or wall mounted transmitters control the built-in motor.

Product range

Products in the Horiso Shading Tension Systems range include:
Internal systems: STS 100, STS 101, STS 120, STS 140, STS 200 and STS 300.
External Systems: STS 421 and
 STS 440.


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