Speciality Timber Louvres

In conjunction with architects and facade engineers, Horiso® have designed Speciality Timber Louvre systems to meet the demanding expectations of today’s sustainable architecture. By changing the characteristics of the materials and creating new profiles and custom shades, Horiso is able to produce systems to meet the building’s aesthetic, performance requirements and a wide range of applications.

Main features

  • A wide and diverse selection of louvre profiles and sizes, each designed specifically for the project.
  • Length limits for each louvre vary by material but generally are constrained by the need to prevent deflection and twisting of the louvre.
  • Variety of customised frame and mounting systems with fixed, operable and automated options.
  • Louvres can be manufactured from Western Red Cedar, Iroko or other sustainable hardwoods, with a natural patina finish that changes organically over time.
  • Other composite constructions of metal and wood laminates can also deliver a durable and attractive result.

Main benefits

  • Control of natural light and effective deflection of heat gain and glare into buildings.
  • All finishes, including polyester powder coating and Fluor Polymer painting, are resistant to sun or weather damage, require minimal maintenance and have a prolonged life-span.
  • Louvre shapes, composition and finish can create specific day-lighting effects as well as establishing different aesthetic requirements.
  • Larger fins allow greater outward visibility whilst smaller fin sizes allow for more precise solar control.
  • Larger fin widths use more robust systems, thus withstanding greater wind and snow loads.
  • A five year warranty applies to all components, including operating mechanisms and controls.
  • Creates a definitive architectural statement and an internal design feature.


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