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Business law and commercial law are becoming more complex every day.

Running a successful business requires a good accountant, and a specialist business lawyer, who will work with the accountant, to structure and guide the business to prosperity.Tax considerations are vital part of almost all commercial transactions. Many lawyers ignore the tax aspects of the transactions they handle, telling the client to take it up with their accountant. However, having a specialist business lawyer who is an expert in tax will minimise problems before they arise.

Our business & tax law team is headed by Tim Somerville, who has more than 40 years' experience, and is accredited by the Law Society of NSW as a specialist in business law.  We offer a complete range of legal services, from preparing contractual documentation to litigation and debt collecting.

But knowing the law is not enough. At Somerville Legal, our solicitors apply their experience to come up with innovative solutions to complex issues, such as structuring businesses to minimise workers compensation premiums.

Please contact Tim Somerville or Andrew Somerville for more information.

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