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It is vital in today's business world that your business dealings are properly documented. Successful business can be torpedoed by incorrect or poorly drafted contracts.

Whether you need a partnership agreement or shareholders agreement for a new business, or standard contracts with customers or staff, Somerville Legal's specialist team of commercial lawyers can advise you of the documents to best address your needs.

Making sure that you have the right contracts and agreements in place can save you tens of thousands of dollars in litigation costs in the future.

For example, if one party is to have control of a company, simply giving that party 51% of the shares may not be the best solution. Many important company decisions require a 75% majority. Also the minority shareholders have rights which must be addressed.

There are countless precedent documents on the Internet, such as shareholders agreements and partnership agreements. However, they will need modification to fit your business. Many of them are American, and do not work under Australian law. Preparing your own documents can lead you into trouble, where disputes over the interpretation of what you have drafted may end up in court. Your drafting may also have unforeseen income tax, CGT or stamp duty implications.

You need experts to advise you of all the options and their commercial ramifications.

As well as working with you to determine what should be prepared, our lawyers will personally draft the necessary documents in a concise and legally enforceable way. Our documents bind all the parties in the way that you want them to be bound.

We also place a strong emphasis on drafting agreements in plain English, so that they are fully understandable by you and the people you are dealing with. Our clauses are simple. And short! We do not believe in burdening you with a 50 page document when a 5 page document will do.

And, just as with all aspects of Somerville Legal's practice, the advice and documents you require are provided to you as quickly as you need them.

Please contact Tim Somerville or Andrew Somerville for more information.

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