Commercial Litigation

Successful business managers do what they can to avoid commercial disputes arising. But, if a dispute cannot be resolved, it is important that you have the best legal team in your corner.

Somerville Legal can commence and pursue claims on your behalf, or defend claims that have been brought against you. Our litigation solicitors are experienced with all levels of litigation, from small claims in the Local Court worth a few thousand dollars, to Supreme Court and Federal Court matters worth millions.

Most importantly, Somerville Legal provides practical and commercial solutions for you. We understand that whilst you want the best possible result, Court proceedings are an unwelcome distraction from running your business. We recognise that settling claims without a full court hearing saves you time, legal costs and uncertainty.

Accordingly, we have both the capability of running a matter to its full extent in court, and the commercial understanding to achieve a settlement on the best terms, whether through direct negotiations on mediation. We find that the way to achieve the best possible settlement is to show the other side our readiness to pursue the matter to the end in court.

Somerville Legal differs from other legal firms, in that our solicitors do the majority of court appearances, including preliminary hearings in the Supreme Court and Federal Court. This saves you substantial costs in barristers' fees.

Another advantage of Somerville Legal is that the solicitor with whom you communicate is the solicitor actually undertaking the work. There is no "middle man" between you and the solicitor handling your case. This allows us to provide you with immediate advice, and keep you continually updated on the progress of your matter.

Please contact  Ben Hemsworth.

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