Children's Issues

Custody and access have always been the most difficult issues in family law. These terms are no longer used, and the courts now refer to which parent the children live with, and what time the children will spend with the other parent.

Even after separation, both parents have responsibilities in bringing up the children. It is vital to get it right. If not, the children will be the real losers.

When a relationship has soured, reaching the right decisions on children's issues can be difficult. The Family Law specialists at Somerville Legal provide the advice and help the parties need to reach agreement. In many cases, agreement on children's issues can be achieved by referring the parties to counselling. An agreement is usually far better than going through the financial and emotional cost of fighting in the Family Court or the Federal Circuit Court.

However, if strong Court action is required, the Somerville Legal family law team will fight for your rights, and, above all, the rights of your children.

For more information, please contact Fiona Hoad or Layla Doumit.


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