Prenuptial Agreements and Binding Financial Agreements

At the end of a marriage, a property settlement dispute can lead to deep bitterness and large legal expenses. It can all be avoided by the parties signing a prenuptial agreement, more correctly referred to as Binding Financial Agreements. Although they are commonly called "pre-nups" they can be made either before or after marriage.

The agreement states clearly what each party will receive on separation, including how to divide or sell jointly owned assets, such as a home.

The specialist family law solicitors at Somerville Legal will advise you and prepare simple but legally effective agreements, to protect your entitlements to the family assets, and to keep you from ending up in Court, fighting over property.

For a prenuptial agreement to be valid, each party must receive independent legal advice on signing. If required, we can direct your partner to an independent solicitor, experienced in advising on pre-nuptial agreements.

Please contact Fiona HoadLayla Doumit or Lauren Moscovis.

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