Working with accountants

Most business transactions require both legal and accounting expertise. Somerville Legal understands the tax issues, including CGT and Small Business Relief, and works in harmony with accountants, not in competition.

Consultation and communication

Somerville Legal consults with the accountants, to formulate transactions and structures that harmonise with the tax and financial structures overseen by the clients’ accounting advisors.

Specialist services

  • Investment and Corporate structures

  • Companies

  • Unit trusts

  • Discretionary trusts

  • Registered charges

Purchase and sale of businesses

Bamford reviews

  • Reviewing existing discretionary trust deeds.

  • Amending trust deed to gain the benefit of Bamford distributions.

 Advanced estate planning 

  • Wills, including testamentary trusts;

  • Binding death benefit nominations;

  • Enduring guardianships and powers of attorney. 


  • Forming SMSF’s

  • Reviewing and amending SMSF trust deeds to allow investment through non-recourse loans.

  • Setting up structures for non-recourse loans

  • Dealing with lenders on non-recourse loans


For almost 40 years, Somerville Legal has been the leading commercial law practice in North Sydney. Our specialist team includes:

Tim Somerville

  • Law Society accredited specialist in Business Law;

  • Member of the Law Society Committee for specialist accreditation in Business Law;

  • Author of the Sale and Purchase of Business module and the Franchising module of the LexisNexis Practical Guidance service.

Stephen Lynch

  • Law Society accredited specialist in Wills and Estates;

  • Member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners;

  • Author of the Succession Law module of the LexisNexis Practical Guidance service.


Our Services Include

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