Andrew Somerville


Dip Law

Commercial and Property Law

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Area of specialisation

Andrew  specialises in commercial law, with a particular emphasis on commercial drafting and negotiating commercial agreements. His main areas of practice are intellectual property, commercial contracts and agreements, corporate law and commercial leasing.


Andrew has a strong interest in commercial leasing. He acts for several large commercial real estate agents, as well as a broad range of commercial property owners. He understands that a tightly drafted and effectively negotiated commercial lease is vital to ensure that a party to a lease is adequately protected. However, he also fully appreciates that efficiency and short turnaround times can be crucial.

Andrew will be more than happy to help if you need a company to be set up, a shareholders’ agreement to be drafted, or general advice in relation to the operation of your business. 

Personal Statement

Andrew has a passion for tennis that borders on addiction. While studying law, Andrew worked as a tennis coaching professional, with students ranging from beginners to advanced tournament level players. Andrew still maintains a high level of involvement in tennis, playing in the highly competitive Sydney Badge Competition, and conducts a weekly training session for some of his colleagues and their children.

Andrew is married with two sons, Luca and Leo.

Andrew has always loved humour and writes the satirical Coastal Tribune.

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