Online Debt Collecting

  • Fast - issue a lawyer’s letter of demand today or start court proceedings in 24 hours.
  • Effective - a demand or summons from North Sydney’s leading firm is far more persuasive than a letter from a debt collector.
  • Value - $38.50 for a letter of demand
  • Debtor's credit rating - the judgment goes on the debtor's record, and will stay there until payment
  • Debtor liable for costs – 100% of our costs for issuing court proceedings are added to the debt and will be ordered to be paid by the debtor if the claim is not defended.
  • No commission - debt collectors charge around 15%. Somerville Legal charges no commission.
  • No double handling - if the debtor ignores the demand, a debt collector will then engage their lawyers to take proceedings. At Somerville Legal, you are dealing directly with the lawyers.
  • We keep you informed - we email you a copy of the letter of demand and any reply we receive, at no cost to you.
  • Click here to view sample Letter of Demand

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