Director Identification Numbers

The federal government has introduced a compulsory system of registration for directors of Australian companies. The legislation is now in force, and requires directors to register with the government and obtain a Director Identification Number (DIN).

Who needs a DIN?

Every director of every Australian company must have a DIN. This includes foreign directors.

What is the deadline for obtaining your DIN?

  • Between now and 4 April 2022, if you are appointed as a director to a new or existing company, you must obtain a DIN within 28 days of your appointment.
  • After 5 April 2022, you must obtain your DIN before becoming a director of a new or existing company.
  • If you are already a director, you must obtain your DIN by 30 November 2022.

How do you obtain a DIN?

The system is run by a federal government agency, the Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS).

You must be registered with myGov, but that is just the start. You then need to download the myGovID app., Then, you need to go through an incredibly stringent process of checking your ID. This even includes the app taking a photograph of your face and scanning it to identify you.

Once you have completed the myGovID, you go back to the ABRS website, enter your myGovID and apply for your director identification number, which is issued to you online. It has 15 digits! That should avoid the government running out of numbers so long as we have less than 100 trillion directors.

The website says that the process takes about 5 minutes. That is only true if you already have registered with myGov, you already have downloaded the myGovID app and you have already established your identity with that app. If not, you need a comfortable chair, a cup of coffee and a lot of patience.

How do foreign directors obtain a DIN?

Foreign directors can only obtain a DIN by making a paper application. It needs to be supported by a number of certified identity documents. Because of the probable difficulty in complying with this process, foreign directors should start the process well before the deadline of 30 November 2022.

Does this streamline company administration?

No! All of the current requirements for lodging documents with ASIC including notification of changes of addresses of directors remain unchanged. The DIN procedure is just another layer of bureaucracy on top of what we already have.

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