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AMSA Patrons

At the final meeting of the AMSA working committee, prior to the commencement of the Hobart conference, the committee's final motion was to appoint three patrons of the Association.  The patrons were appointed in recognition of previous and ongoing support to men's sheds.  The Patrons are Professor Barry Golding, Professor John Macdonald and Mr Tim Mathieson.  All three patrons have made significant contributions to the Men's Shed movement and to the development of AMSA, all of whom we owe a great deal.  Our patrons' continuing responsibility shall be to support AMSA and our members within their specific areas of expertise and to make representation on our behalf.  I am sure all the members graciously welcome our Patrons and join in my sentiment and pride in stating that these three fine men who have given so much to sheds and men in saying "we are proud to be able to call them our mates".

Professor Barry Golding

Associate Professor Barry Golding University of Ballarat, a man who needs no introduction to those involved with men's sheds. Without doubt, Barry is the most respected academic researcher who has dedicated so much to the shed movement who is renown internationally amongst “shedders”.

Professor Golding, an experienced researcher in adult, vocational and community education and author of the NCVER publication “ Mens shed’s in Australia: Learning through community contexts” which has been undeniably one of the most valuable tools and most common references for those initiating a men's shed project. Barry has also presented comprehensive papers and speeches at all three National Men's Shed Conferences and is a strong advocate of AMSA.

Professor John Macdonald

Professor John Macdonald, founding Chair in Primary Health Care University of Western Sydney, Director Men’s Health Information and Resources Centre, President of the Australasian Mens Health forum, National Mens Health Ambassador. John is arguably the most respected authority on Mens Health with strong beliefs in the capabilities of Men's Sheds contributing to make a difference to the well being of men. An advocate of the Social Determinants of health, John is also the Chair of the Mt Druitt Shed project that aims mainly at Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander men. Professor Macdonald has been of great support to AMSA and our members by being an strong advocate of Men’s Sheds both domestically and internationally. John believes that it is well and good to tell men don't drink, don't smoke and eat better but in some areas of society these are almost impossible to follow.

Mr Tim Mathieson

Mr Tim Mathieson Mens Health Ambassador, as a Mens Health Ambassador Tim attended many of the community consultation forums where he repeatedly heard from “shedders” praising how much of an important role men's sheds played in there lives and the community in which they live, so he thought he would take a look for himself. It would be an understatement to say that Tim was impressed with what he saw and he immediately offered generously his assistance becoming patron of the 3rd National Mens Shed Conference which lead to his nomination to Patron of AMSA as well. Tim is the partner of the Prime Minister Julia Gillard and has been involved with many Mens Health organisations within his role as a men's health ambassador but is now purely focused on AMSA and Men's Sheds.

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